#60 Deco Slide lefthanded

#60, lefthanded version of the Deco Slide lapsteel, with custom made Lollar humbucker. Front view.

Netherlands, April 2012

Special lefthanded, 8-string version of the Deco Slide lap steel. Even the rotation of the knobs are lefthanded. The top wood is a very nice AAA tigerstriped maple top. For this lapsteel, a custom designed humbucker is made by Jason Lollar.

The Deco Slide lap steel was produced between 2006 – 2013.


  • Thinline construction
  • African padouk, 1 piece
  • AAA maple tigerstriped top
  • African padouk fretboard
  • Wooden bindings
  • Schaler M6 tuners, gold
  • Custom made 8-string Lollar humbucker
  • Bourns potmeters, 500k
  • Bone saddle and topnut
  • Oil/ wax finish