Fern's Guitars Custom model electric guitar.

Six years of sketching & improving

In 2006 I started to design a new electric guitar, based on a Les Paul. My first electric guitar was after all a Hondo Les Paul Professional II. But that was in 1994.

Important was to improve the balance of the instrument when played standing. Also I prefered a deep cutaway. This is shown clearly with the first design from 2006.

It still took six more years to fine tune the shape of the guitar and to apply all the technique that is used for the instrument.

The Custom is ready for you in the workshop. Come and try it out yourself!

Early testmodel for a Fern's Custom electric guitar with a different body shape.


The Fern's Custom serie electric guitars have a particular comfortable balance when played both sitting and standing. When standing, the guitar stays perfect in position. That means you can concentrate on playing the guitar instead of where the guitar neck wants to go to. High positions are extremely easy to acces due to the deep cutaway and smooth neck to body transition

Schaller STM guitar bridge.


The Custom has a bridge, a tailpiece and tuners made by Schaller. The bridge is a tune-o-matic variation called STM. This bridge has comfortabel rounded edges and roller saddles. Besides the intonation the string spacing can be set very precise as well. Standard M6 tuners are used because they last a lifetime and are maintenance free.


Endless sustain with the neck running through the body. The well-balanced combination of hardware and wood types gives the instrument also excelent dynamics. Play gentle and the guitar gives a full warm tone, play more powerfull and the sound gets a sharper attack and more bite. The Lollar standard wound Imperial Humbuckers fit perfect within this character and do not need to prove themselves anymore.

Oil finish

The Custom is finished with a 100% ecologic oil blend from Auro. The product protects the wood and improves the contrast. The instrument can be simply kept in good condition by using a maintaining oil.

Listen to the Custom:



Made in Amsterdam.


  • Solid walnut arched top, handcarved
  • Solid ash body
  • Custom made neck running through the body
  • 12" fretboard radius, 25.5" schale length, 22 positions
  • 7mm AAA ebony fretboard
  • Lollar Imperial humbuckers
  • Schaller bridge and tailpiece
  • Schaller M6 tuners
  • Bone parts
  • Custom CTS potmeters 500k
  • Switchcraft toggle switch
  • Shielded electronics
  • Oil/ wax finish
  • Hiscox case

  • € 3500,00

Equipped with an excelent Kahler tremolo:

  • 4000,00