Slide King

Fern's Guitars Slide King electric lap steel guitar, front view.

Jerry Douglas about his Slide King lap steel:

"I love my Slide King lap steel from Fern's Guitars. It has a big fat sound coming from that hunk of zebra wood and a great sounding P90 from Jason Lollar. Great craftmanship! A wonderful addition to my arsenal."

(Jerry Douglas is a leading USA 12 times Grammy Awards winning dobro player who performes, records solo albums, works as a producer and played on an innumerable amount of recordings.

Solid zebra wood

Because the Slide King has a much smaller body compared to a regular guitar, it is no problem to use heavy wood types. Zebra wood is a beautiful African wood with a typical striped pattern. It gives the lap steel long sustain, clear mids and better harmonics.

Lollar P90 pickup

A perfect matching pickup for this lap steel guitar. The Lollar P90 has a warm character with no mud, enough clearity and stays articulated even with overdrive. You hear what you play. This is for a lap steel very important. For the eight string version a custom 8-string P90 is made by Lollar.


Inlays and small parts are all made in the workshop in Amsterdam by hand or with small machines. This makes every lap steel unique and easy to adjust to your personal wishes.

Oil finish

The Slide King is finished with a 100% ecologic oil blend from Auro. The product protects the wood and improves the contrast. The instrument can simply be kept in good condition by using a maintaining oil.

Listen to the Slide King lap steel:



Phantom Frank / all rights reserved

Tone control


Phantom Frank / all rights reserved



Phantom Frank / all rights reserved

Aloha Slide King


Roland van Beeveren / all rights reserved

Beefheart Slide King


Roland van Beeveren / all rights reserved


Made in Amsterdam.


  • Solid zebra wood body
  • Ebony fretboard and parts
  • Rosewood bindings
  • Lollar P90 soapbar pickup
  • Schaller tuners
  • Brass tailpiece at the back of the body
  • Bone bridge saddle and topnut
  • Bourns potmeters, 500k
  • Oil and wax finish
  • Gigbag
  • 22.5″/ 572 mm scale
  • Five years warranty
  • four weeks construction time

  • € 1250,00 (6-string)

  • € 1500,00 (8-string)