Several repairs

Not all repair work and modifications can fit in a price list. At this page you can see a few unique jobs on instruments as an example. If you have an idea for a customizing you can always contact me for an offer - and to discuss the possibility.


Cheap Fender Squier strat upgraded with completely new hardware, now called 'Kandi' (left photo is original setup):

  • Kahler 2300 serie tremolo
  • EMG 81TW / 89 / 89R pickups
  • EMG SPC midrange control
  • EMG EXG tone expander
  • Bone parts
  • Custom white pickguard
  • Kahler locknut
  • Schaller M6 tuners


Epiphone Flying V with a change here and there and is now called 'Mickey' (left photo is original setup):

  • TonePros tune-o-matic bridge and tailpiece
  • EMG 81 X / 85 X pickups
  • Switchcraft toggle switch
  • Custom pickguard
  • Bone parts
  • Custom truss rod cover
  • TonePros tuners

Wooden pickup covers

This telecaster is fitted with two DiMarzio virtual P90 humbuckers. These pickup try to give a sound close to a P90, but are actual humbucking pickups. Changing the covers doesn't affect the overal sound. The bridge pickup has a cover made from ebony, the neck pickup has an USA maple cover.

Electric doublebass

The owner of this Fichter bass guitar came to the workshop and told he sometimes hits the pickup at the end of the fretboard while playing the instrument. The pickup becomes loose and doesn't work properly.

The pickup contains of four small pickups that transduce a single string. It was just glued to the wood with second glue, and was indeed very easy to remove.

A housing has been made from a piece of zebra wood. The housing has the height and radius of the fretboard. The small pickups are fixed into the wood, and the complete thing has been screwed firmely into the instruments body.


A new pickguard has been made out of hard plastic for this old German semi-hollow guitar. The old one was broken. The shape and pickup cutout are copied from the old plate.