Lollar Royal T nickel
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  • Eindelijk Strat sound voor je Telecaster hals pickup!
  • Nickel / zwart
  • Even groot als een standaard Telecasters hals pickup
  • 6.24K gemeten weerstand
  • Alnico 5 magneten
  • Flat poles
  • Vintage pushback cloth aansluit draden
  • Directe vervangings pickup voor de meest gangbare Telecasters
  • Inclusief bevestigings materiaal

Jason Lollar:

We love Teles. But every once in a while even the most die-hard Tele-philes want to channel their inner Jimi. Dont feel bad. We dont blame you. We are here to help. You dont need to carve up your pickguard. You dont need to hack up your guitar. You just need some Royal T?

Our newest neck pickup for Telecasters! We have had many requests for a Tele neck pickup that really sounds like a Strat. Done! Combining a custom nickel pickup cover (we designed and had made in the US), a special selection of magnet type and length, and coil wire that would typically be used on a Strat pickup (42 gauge heavy build), the results are a deeper, clearer, glassier and punchier tone. Stratty! Think Blonde meets Blackface? Vintage style cloth covered lead wires, Alnico 5 magnets.