Lollar strat pickup Vintage Tweed
  • Vervangings pickup voor Stratocaster
  • 5.7K (brug), 5.3K (midden), 4.9K (hals) gemeten weerstand
  • Flat poles
  • Vintage pushback cloth aansluit draden
  • Inclusief bevestigings materiaal

Lollar Vintage Tweed pickups are very clean and “stratty,” light on bass and mids, lots of “quack.” Great for overdrives with extra mids, or diming out a smaller amp. Tone will not get muddy under heavy distortion. Low output will not make many vintage amps distort more than a mild clipping. Alnico 2 flat poles, scatter wound, wax potted coils. Vintage style cloth covered lead wire. Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4

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