Lollar strat pickup Vintage Blonde

  • Vervangings pickup voor Stratocaster
  • 6.0K (brug), 5.8K (midden), 5.6K (hals) gemeten weerstand
  • Flat poles

  • Vintage pushback cloth aansluit draden

  • Inclusief bevestigings materiaal

Our Vintage Blonde Strat style pickups are bright but smooth. Scooped midrange, full bass with smooth attack, medium low output sounds glassy, chimey, spanky. Play soft and get round, smooth tone; hit it hard and the attack and treble will come forward in the mix. Works well with overdrives. Alnico 2 flat poles, scattered wound, wax potted coils. Vintage style cloth covered lead wire. Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.