Lollar P90 soapbar, 50s wind
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  9. Lollar P90 soapbar, 50s wind
  • 50s wind
  • 7.4K (brug) 7.1K (hals) gemeten weerstand
  • Alnico 2 magneten
  • Braided shield aansluit kabel
  • Inclusief bevestigings materiaal

Jason Lollar:

Copied from Sean Costello's '53 Goldtop these P-90s have lower output, more delicate attack, less midrange and bass, and are coupled with weak magnets. Overall tone is brighter with less of a grind to the distortion quality and is slower to overdrive an amp than the stock P-90 set. This set is good for an early Freddie King tone. De-gaussed Alnico2 magnets.