Fern's Guitars logo

Inlay work

Fern's Guitars logo

Inlay work

At a small scale I make several inlays in wood for a logo, mark or other small figures. All inlays are done by hand and made from wood or several types of shell.


Beside of the characteristic Ferns logo this Custom-1 electric guitar has been inlayed with the personal "PH" logo of the customer. A suitable Jugendstil font has been used and the logo is made from fresh water pearl.

Custom-1 electric guitar head with pearl inlay

Logo in a guitar body

A pearl "JD" logo has been inlayed in the cutaway of the body of a solid walnut Ferns telecaster.

pearl logo in walnut

Charvel with fretboard inlay

Religious ichtus symbol inlayed in the neck of this Charvel electric guitar. Because the guitar needed to be refretted it was possible to replace the two original dots at the 12th position by wood. Then the inlay has been made, and the guitar has been refretted.

close-up of the ichtus symbol inlayed at the 12 position

Charvel electric guitar