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Ferns Guitars Weissenborn Style 3 acoustic lap steel guitar

Fern's Weissenborn styles

Since 2006 I make Weissenborn guitars with mahogany wood. Allthough the original guitars were made from the Hawaiian Koa wood, I get a better tone from mahogany. I have lots of experience with mahogany and a better 'feel' with the wood.In the past I made also Weissenborns from bubinga, sitka spruce and even Dutch oak wood with good results.

Just like any guitar I try to achieve for the Weissenborn a good balance between a light build instrument and an instrument that is strong enough to whitstand the string tension. I keep the construction of the Weissenborn very close to the originals.

Just like Hermann I make Weissenborn guitars in a few 'styles'. Style 1 and Style 3 are all constructed in a similair way and with the same wood types. They are only different in decoration.

Head of the Weissenborn

Style 1

  • Single maple soundhole inlay
  • Dot fretboard inlay
  • Maple binding around top and back
weissenborn Style 1 overview

Style 3

  • Soundhole inlay with a traditional rope pattern
  • Traditional fretboard inlay
  • Traditional rope bindings around top and fretboard
  • Maple binding around the back
weissenborn Style 3 overview

Solid mahogany

The Weissenborn has a solid mahogany top, sides and back. I select mahogany like other tone woods. The top and back are plained and cut in a way they both enhance the guitars tone and and are well balanced in the instrument.

All mahogany used in the workshop is legal and have the right certifications if neccesary. This makes it safe to travel with the instrument or to ship the instrument outside the European Union. By now, I have replaced all original rosewood parts (bridge, fretboard and inlays) by walnut without loosing or changing the tone of the instrument.

Gotoh tuners

The Weissenborn has modern open back Gotoh tuners from the SE770 series. The tuners have a 1:15 gear ratio and have a plastic button fitting the instrument.

Gotoh SE770 tuners


Bone parts

Weissenborn bridge with a bone saddle

The bridge of the original Weissenborn had a piece of fretwire installed instead of a saddle. I make Weissenborn bridges close in dimension to the originl bridge but I use a bone saddle and bone or horn bridge pins. The topnut is also made from bone. This can improve the brightness of the instrument slightly.

Weissenborn bridge with a bone saddle

original details

The Style 3 has a rope pattern inlay just like the original instruments from the twenties. I make this inlay parts by hand in the workshop. Take a look at the construction images..

original soundhole rope pattern

Made in Amsterdam.

Made one by one for you in the workshop.


  • Solid sapeli mahogany top, back and sides *)
  • Walnut fretboard, 19 positions, 25" scale
  • Walnut bridge
  • Bone bridge saddle, topnut and bridgepin
  • Gotoh tuners
  • French polish finish
  • Gigbag
  • Five years warranty
  • Four months construction time

*) Amount of "curly" pattern in the wood may vary depending on availability. I can provide pictures of the sets available and reserve them for your order. The pattern of the wood does not make a difference in the sound of the finished Weissenborn.

Style 1   € 1750,00

Style 3   € 2250,00

K&K pure mini pickup
installed:    + € 150,00

Weissenborn specifications