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Deco Slide

deco slide lap steel guitar

Semi hollow lap steel

After developing the Slide King I have researched a lap steel construction that produces a more clear sound without getting harsh.

After experimenting with solid solid African padouk lap steel guitars I found to partly hollow the body and neck from the instrument was the right way to do. The sound gets more open and bright.

For this lap steel I use the Lollar Chicago lap steel pickup, inspired by old Oahu / Valco instruments.

The sound holes are made in a striped pattern to enhance the 'deco' feel for the instrument. Together with the wooden inlays and binding the Deco Slide is a unique looking - and sounding lap steel.

semi hollow lap steel guitar

Lollar Chicago pickup

Inspired by old Oahu / Valco lap steels, Lollar developed the Chicago lap steel pickup. Oahu was one of the biggest brands for mail order lap steel guitars in USA. The pickup is single coil, has a high output and a very clear charachter. The pickup has a slightly wider string spacing compared to a guitar pickup.

lollar chicago pickup


Light weight


The body of the Deco Slide is partial hollow, towards the head. This makes the lap steel a bit different from a normal semi-hollow concept. The lap steel gets a nice light weight. The body is covered with a nice tigerstriped maple top with original soundholes.


Schaller M6 tuners

A handcrafted lap steel should stay in tune! The Deco Slide is fitted with Schaller M6 tuners. Self lubricating and brass posts.

schaller m6 tuners


Oil finish

oil finish

The Deco Slide is finished with a 100% ecologic oil blend from Auro. The product protects the wood and improves the contrast. The instrument can be simply kept in good condition by using a maintaining oil.

oil finish

Made in Amsterdam.

Made one by one for you in the workshop.


  • African padouk body
  • Maple top
  • Thinline construction
  • African padouk fretboard
  • Rosewood / maple / padouk bindings
  • Lollar Chicago steel pickup
  • Schaller M6 tuners, gold
  • Brass tailpiece at the back of the body
  • Bone bridge saddle and topnut
  • Bourns potmeters, 500k
  • Oil and wax finish
  • Gigbag
  • Scale length 22.5"/ 572 mm
  • Five years warranty
  • Three weeks construction time

€ 1000,00 (6-string)
€ 1250,00 (8-string)

deco slide lap steel overview