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D-style acoustic guitar

Wood & Steel

Many steelstring guitars available in shops are cunstructed too heavy. That is good for a factory to avoid warranty issues. Soundwise it is very bad. I prefer a light construction that just keeps under string tension. Only then you get maximum volume and tone quality with more dynamics you could imagine. Also the wood type will color the sound in a better way.

Spruce & mahogany

Regular spruce is the perfect choice for a fingerpicking and softer strumming guitar. Spruce produces the best tonal quality when medium energy is put on the strings. Together with the mahogany construction you can expect a full sound with a nice depth and warmth that is still articulating.

spruce top detail



bone saddle and bridge pin

Bridge, topnut and bridge pins are made of bone. It gives a nice ring to the tone and lasts a long time.

bone saddle and bridge pin

Grover Sta-Tite

The D-Style has lightweighted longlasting 18:1 tuners!

D-style with Grover tuners

Made in Amsterdam.

Made one by one for you in the workshop.


  • Top: solid spruce
  • Back and side: solid mahogany
  • Neck: mahogany
  • Rosewood fretboard, 22 positions, 25.5" scale
  • Neck, custom made
  • Grover Sta-tite tuners
  • Bone saddle, topnut and bridgepin
  • Naturel PU laquer finish
  • Hiscox case
  • Five years warranty
  • Construction time three months

€ 2450,00

D-style acoustic guitar overview