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Orville Breeveld Custom

Orville Breeveld Custom signature electric guitar

Orville Breeveld

Musician, composer, teacher, coach, father.

With a strong cosmopolite vision Orville tries to bind musicians together, regardless their roots, within a limitless number of succesfull projects - always with 200% positive energy!

As a replacement for Orville his old Ibanez AW400 we developed together a semi-hollow version of Ferrn's Custom-1 electric guitar in 2014.

The specifications of the neck are a direct copy of the old Ibanez guitar.

The magenta red color is an early memory of the guitar played by Orville his father.


Orville Breeveld


The Fern's Custom serie electric guitars has a particular comfortable balance when played both sitting and standing. When standing, the guitar stays perfect in position. That means you can concentrate on playing the guitar instead of where the guitar neck wants to go to. High positions are extremely easy to acces due to the deep cutaway and smooth neck to body transition

balance detail from the electric guitar



golden Lollar humbucker at the bridge position

Endless sustain with the neck running through the body. The well-balanced combination of hardware and wood types gives the instrument also excelent dynamics. Play gentle and the guitar gives a full warm tone, play more powerfull and the sound gets a sharper attack and more byte. The Lollar standard wound Imperial Humbuckers fit perfect within this character and do not need to be proved anymore.

golden Lollar humbucker at the bridge position


One of the requirements for the instrument was to make a semi-hollow construction. The mahogany body parts are partly routed, but the neck runs through the body. The AAA tigerstriped maple top closes the body. The instrument gets a more gentle weight compared to the Custom-1. Soundwise the instruments gains a nice brightness without loosing its solid sustain.

semi-hollow body construction


Custom finish

Custom red stained finish detail

The Orville Breeveld Custom has a magenta finish as a personal early memory to Orville his father. The guitar is first finished with stain, then with a transulent coating. This is all done by hand, only the final polishing is done with a low speed machine.

Custom magenta stained finish

Made in Amsterdam

Orville and Fern would like to see the Custom becomes your personal
signature guitar!

Made one by one for you in Amsterdam.


  • Solid European maple AAA tigerstriped top, handcarved
  • Mahogany body, semi-hollow
  • Laminated maple/greenheart neck running through the body
  • AAA ebony fretboard, 7mm thick
  • 12" fretboard radius, 24 9/16" scale length, 22 positions
  • Lollar Imperial humbuckers, standard wound
  • Schaller bridge and tailpiece
  • Schaller M6 locking tuners
  • CTS custom potmeters 500k, Switchcraft switch, Orange Drop 22nF cap
  • Bone topnut
  • Custom pu laquer finish
  • Hiscox case

€ 3450,00

Orville Breeveld Custom signature electric guitar specifications overview