#52 Telecaster thinline

#52, telecaster model guitar with thinline  construction, made from red padouk with a line of sapwood en fitting Lollar Charlie Christian pickup, front view.

Slovenia, April 2011.

This very special thinline guitar, made for a customer in Slovenia, is made of African padouk. The semi-hollow body is sawn in pieces, chambered and re-glued in a way it looks like one piece of wood again. The guitar has plenty amounts of sustain, and still has that nice sparkling character. The neck pickup is a Lollar Charlie Christian pickup. It gives a fat, but also nice open clean sound. Although the ohm measurement is low and the construction of the pickup is single coil, the output level can be compared with a humbucker pickup. The Special T bridge pickup is higher output pickup still with a characteristic telecaster sound and matches very well with the bridge pickup.


  • Thinline construction
  • African padouk body and neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Lollar Special T brug pickup
  • Lollar Charlie Christian neck pickup
  • Gotoh/Wilkinson brass saddle bridge
  • Hipshot locking tuners
  • Bourns potmeters
  • Bone parts
  • Oil/ wax finish